Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Update on sleep

Just thought I'd give an update on sleep. Seems we're over the terrible patch again and back to satisfactory. I think the 'bad' patches come in cycles, probably has to do with growth spurts etc.

So she is settling more quickly again in the evenings, I'm usually outta there by 8 o'clock again. phew! But we'll see - take it one day at a time.

The not so good part is that she wakes at 5.30am now. Bit too early for my liking I'm afraid. Luckily though she is happy to come in to bed with us and feed and lie reasonably quietly for an hour.

I hate that I am so obsessed with sleep. I know that I am more laid back than some - I'm not obsessed about getting her to 'sleep through the night' and yet, sometimes it feels like every waking moment I'm thinking about sleep. It's not so much my sleep I worry about as hers. Ah well, life as a mum I suppose.


  1. I know how you feel about being obsessed with sleep. I was so obsessed it was all I thought about and everything I did during the day I was wondering what it would do to the night and if i would get more or less sleep each time. It got so bad that I threw my arms in the air and said 'no more!'. To be honest, i gave it up to God! I told him that i can't do it by myself and now I'm leaning on him to help. She has slept so much better ever since. Plus its so good not having sleep consuming my every WAKING thought!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Hi! Just found your blog from the kiwimummy site! So glad to read about another 7 month old with sleep changes! My little one has just started screaming before bed... we used to be able to put her down and walk away. Now it takes us at least 40 mins! You have given me hope that the bad patch wont last forever!