Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Baby-led weaning

We've started Adele on real food. But as says "the mush stops here". Yup. We're not doing purees....

The idea is that babies are actually capable of chewing and digesting normal food at around 6 months. This coincides with when they're trying to put everything in site in to their gobs.

So you just give them something which won't break off and become a choking hazard (like raw carrot) and let them go for it.

Adele is loving it! She has a ball with her food. Not a lot actually gets eaten but she is being exposed to so many different flavours and textures.

Banana is a firm favourite. We keep the skin on so it is easy to hold on to but expose enough for her to get her chompers in to.

Cucumber is a firm favourite too. We cut a slice dig a hole in the middle and pass it over. Not much of this goes down but she loves sucking and licking it. I expect she enjoys the cool feeling and flavour.

Hmmm... this looks interesting.

Oh yikes! What's this new flavour? I think Mummy has poisoned me! Help!

Actually, that was pretty good. I might have me some more.

Watermelon goes down easily.

Yoghurt. She is used to feeding herself now so she likes to feed herself with her spoon. I load it up and she takes aim for her mouth. Prising it out of her mits to load it up again takes a bit of work tho!

Hopefully my new book on baby-led weaning is coming tomorrow so I'll blog more about it another time.

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