Tuesday, 16 February 2010

She did us proud

I was a bit nervous on Sunday cause my folks were coming for lunch. "What if Adele doesn't eat anything?" I thought to myself. They'll think I'm starving her and tell me to start feeding her up on mush.

But she did us proud.

Demolished a slice of avocado, munched on a stick of tasty cheese, put lots of wee teethy marks in a slice of nectarine, gummied up some bread and had fun picking up cherry tomatoes. Then showed off by drinking lots of water from the sippy cup while sitting on Granddad's lap.

I don't think I've seen her eat so much. Phew!

She seems to be getting the hang of this eating lark now.

She wasn't interested in the breakfast Daddy gave her today but when I was eating my toast a bit later she greedily took a crust, gnawed it till she couldn't anymore (the ends of sticks of food always get stuck in her fist. She hasn't worked out yet how to release them) then demolished another!

Then for lunch she put away a fairly decent amount of cheese and mango and tasted some other stuff.

Interestingly, she loves the spoon. I load it up with food - yoghurt, today's lentil stew, stewed apple, KFC potato and gravy (another story...) hold it out to her and she greedily grabs it and jams it in her mouth. She won't let me do it. But I'm trying to only feed her foods that are normally eaten mashed/pureed. I wouldn't be happy eating pureed beef so why should she?

oh oh oh, exciting news. She's got her pincer grip! Marianne and Joanna came over today and Joanna was eating raisins, I offered one to Adele and she picked it up between thumb and forefinger! She didn't put it in her mouth, and I wasn't going to demonstrate cause I HATE raisins but I was very chuffed with Adele's physical prowess!

Lastly, the KFC story. We picniked at the gardens on Sunday night with people from church. Mike and I got KFC but I forgot to organise anything for Adele (neglectful eh?). So I gave her some of my bread roll. For fun, I dipped a bit in to the potato and gravy for her. A wee while later I look down and there's Adele, with her hand up to her wrist in the potato and gravy pot. She had a ball sticking hands in, mushing it around, rubbing it in her hair, down her front, on her legs, on the picnic mat, on Mummy's legs... I'd forgotten a bib and run out of baby wipes. But she had a great time so I let her go for it. She did enjoy eating it from the spoon too. I did find myself wondering if the gravy had MSG in it though....

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