Thursday, 11 February 2010

Too soon to say I told you so

I said that it was too soon to say I told you so. And I was right. Sleep has gone back to pot again. Sigh.

She was doing so well there for a couple of weeks but now she's gone back to taking ages (read hours) to settle for the night. She's not too bad once she's asleep. 5-6 hour stretches are common. But I'm getting rather sick of sitting in a small dark room trying to convince an awake baby that she shouldn't be. Yawn.

Must be teething.

Must be cause she's learning to crawl.

Must be cause we've been busy lately.

Must be cause she's been doing lots of talking (the baby babbling type).

There must be a reason...

On a brighter note. Check out this cuteness. She's discovered how to spin the wheels. Weee!

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