Friday, 12 February 2010

Things I'm loving on Friday

I love It's a website based on the american Mothering magazine. They have lots of very interesting articles sourced from old issues of the magazine and have a great online forum. The magazine's philosophy is 'natural parenting' so they all about natural birthing, co-sleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding, green living etc etc. Fun fun fun.

I love how we can hear the neighbours birds singing. They're in a big aviary and add some much needed alternative sounds to our busy street. We don't have many big trees so it's nice to hear something other than cars going by. Oh, now that I think about it - boy aren't those cicadas noisy at this time of year!

I'm loving that Harvey Norman have a special on small soft cover photo albums. When Adele was 3 months old I made an album of her first 3 months through the Harvey Norman website. I was really happy with the result. And now that same album is on special again so I'll have to make the 3-6 month album!

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