Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nella Cordelia's story

I came across Kelly Hampton's blog last night and read Nella's birth story (along with thousands of others - there are almost 2,000 comments on this one post alone!) Mike came out to find out why I wasn't in bed to find me glued to the laptop - tears streaming down my cheeks.

This is such a beautiful, heartwrenching, honest, loving story. I had to share it.

Welcome to the world Nella Cordelia, you are in the best of hands and are much loved.

I'd like to put up some of her gorgeous photos of Nella but feel a bit weird about using photos of someone elses child. So please do go and take a look at her site.


  1. Oh wow. That story is so incredible. Gah, the tears pouring down my face!!

  2. It challenges me to think whether I'd react with such grace and honesty if I was in that situation.

    Did you see that she's going to be featured on CNN? I bet her head is just spinning!