Monday, 15 March 2010


Adele and I seem to be babywearing a lot lately. Since she started crawling (proud Mummy smile) she's been far too excited all the time to want to sleep or even feed. So getting her to settle down, relax and get sleepy has been really difficult.

So out comes the green wrap sling. She lived in this when she was a wee one. Every daytime nap for the first few months was in here. I figure she'll settle down again soon so until then I'll just enjoy the cuddles! And the massages from Mike in the evenings are a bonus too! (She's about 11kgs - my poor back can testify.)

More babywearing triumphs: at Susi and Rob's wedding last weekend Miss A didn't want to go to sleep, but did want to be carried all the time. We'd forgotten the wrap sling so I simply picked up a picnic rug tied the opposite corners together, threw it over my head and voila! A sling. Saved my arms and made for a happy baby. Just quietly, I was pretty chuffed with my 'attachment parenting' skills!

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