Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Little Vintage

Jennie from A Little Vintage makes these wonderful dolls from lovely fabrics. You can even get her to custom make a doll for you out of a sentimental piece of fabric and then you choose the eye and hair colour!

They're just divine. I might just have to save up for a little red-headed one for Adele one day. Perhaps wearing one our favourite baby outfits...

In the meantime, she's having a giveaway! Suggest a name for this stylish lady and you might win her. Or maybe you shouldn't cause I want her!

My suggestions were all names meaning gold because I was inspired by her kowhai on her dress: Orabella (Italian), Xanthe (Greek) and Aurelia (Latin).

Oh, and take at look at her gorgeous Easter bunnies too - I want!

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