Monday, 1 March 2010

Adele is almost crawling

My clever wee cherub is so close to crawling that we'll call it that. She can go pretty much in every direction except forward. I have to admit it is pretty excruciating watching her. "Go on, you can do it girl, thats is, just one more step... oh, you gave up and collapsed on to your tum... but you're having a great time!"

Here is a vid from a couple of days ago.


  1. Oh my, look at that orange hair! When did that happen?!

  2. We don't say orange, Libby! It's red or ginga!

    I know, isn't it gorgeous :) it's always been ginga but now that it has some length (like 2cms) the colour is really showing through.

    I'm so tempted to dye my hair the same colour...

  3. ohhh, no, Chrissy, ginga is MUCH worse! But I'll say red:-) I wonder what it would look like on you? I want you to try it!

  4. welcome to the ginga club adele!

    man watching this vid, i was like 'oh oh oh ...naa... wait a sec, oh oh oh ...naa...' on the edge of my seat each time she attempted actually crawling. so cute!

  5. I know Sarah, so funny huh? She's got the hang of it now. Zooming all over the place. So glad I captured this stage on 'film' though!

  6. Christine, Mike, she is just lovely!! I can't believe she's so big already! And crawling too! Miss you guys, God bless you and your family!