Friday, 29 January 2010

Things I'm loving on Friday

I'm loving our new photos on canvas. Andrew and Raewyn gave us a voucher for Eziprint for Christmas. We decided to finally print some of our travel photos. The one on the left is of a rice paddy in Yangshuo, China and the other is a Songteaw (a taxi-bus-truck thing) in Laos. Good times. Makes me want to travel some more.

I am loving my new curtains. We decided that Adele would sleep better if our rooms were darker. So we got blackouts for her room and treated ourselves to some new curtains AND blackouts for our room. We hardly know ourselves anymore (cause we can't see eachother). Our room used to be very light. Light curtains, street lights, nothing at all over the leadlight window. So now its great! I'm loving the roman blind over our gorgeous leadlight window. This photo doesn't really show you what the curtains look like so you'll just have to come visit instead. Ding ding!

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