Monday, 4 January 2010

The last 5 months

What have we been up to for the past 5 months?
  • Sitting up all by herself (4.5 months)
  • Waving (5.5 months)
  • First teeth - two at the same time (5.5 months) first one cut through on Christmas Day :)
  • First tastes of food - avocado, pumpkin, broccolli (5.5 months)
  • Rolling over (6 months) - only a few times so far but she's really keen on it now.
  • Kissing (5 months) - mostly mummy but Marshy her little pukeko gets a bit of nooky now and then. Or perhaps she just wanted roast pukeko for christmas dinner???

lots of other things too I'm sure.

Better chuck some photos up too I guess....

At the Tamahere market. Now that Adele is a big girl we're able to carry her in the wrap sling in a hip carry. So much better for seeing the world!

Big bed, little lady.

First foods - a bit of avocado from our guacamole. As you can see by the tight little fists - she was keen!

Its fun to sit outside on the picnic mat and watch Daddy in the garden.

First foods: she put this steamed broccolli in her mouth but didn't swallow anything!

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