Monday, 25 January 2010

A creation a week #1

Inspired by Faery Sarah over on Bobbyrobin, I've decided to copy her new year's resolution and try to create something each week. Thanks Sarah! Anything from a sewing project to baking a cake. And I figure if I haven't gotten round to doing something else I can always just say I made some milk this week!

So I missed the first week of the year but I'm sure you'll forgive me. But here is my creation for the second week of the year:

Its fabric over cardboard with a bit of felt in the middle to make it softer. I'm quite chuffed really. Painted wooden letters are really popular at the mo and I had originally thought I'd do that but decided to go for something a little different. The 'd' is my favourite. Love the fabric. Ohh and the green gingham on the 'l' is gorgeous too :)

One day soon I'll post some photos of the whole room for you to see.

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