Monday, 23 August 2010

Madonna with the Green Cushion

Thought I might start a new series! Breastfeeding art! And what better place to start than with Mary and Jesus.

Madonna with the Green Cushion is an oil painting by Italian painter Andrea Solario from about 1500. It now lives in the Louvre.

I love the way Mary is intently looking down at her nursling - almost like she's sharing a joke with him. But then again, on second glance, she looks quite serious too. Solario was strongly influenced by Leonardo da Vinci. So perhaps it's a Mona Lisa smile?

Ooh, and the way Jesus is holding his foot - just like a real bubba would. And I really like how he is a chubby bubby. 

Nice to know they used pillows for breastfeeding back then too! Although, it does look like she's standing behind that marble bench...

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