Friday, 13 August 2010

A little milk atop a mountain

What a gorgeous place to breastfeed. These were taken during the holidays during our walk on Maungatautari (it's taken me ages to get round to posting them). We did the short walk through the northern enclosure. (Maungatautari is a fenced inland 'island' where native wildlife is flourishing because rats, stoats, possums etc can't get in.)

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  1. Hey Christine. It's Deb from Hokkaido. So, I don't know exactly where you live, but I did spend 3 weeks in NZ in March, and was surprised to see breastfeeding promotional signs everywhere. It was surprising, as in Canada is super common and accepted, and my impression was that Kiwis weren't so accepting, hence the signs. Anyways, bravo to you! Hugs.... (I was in Wellington mostly and a bit in Queenstown). xoxo, Hi to Mike... and a hello nice to meet you to Adele! xoxo, Deb