Monday, 21 June 2010

Trading my drivers licence for a carrot

Most hilarious dream last night.

Mike and I had to go get our drivers licences renewed. We went up to the counter and handed over our photo ID cards. The police officer took our expired cards, cut them in half with a pair of scissors then reached under the counter to produce our new drivers licences.

He pulled out two carrots. Peeled carrots no less.

Apparently, NZ law requires that drivers have a police issued carrot on them at all times.

I woke up from the dream this morning and recounted it to Mike. I was giggling maniacally with tears streaming down my cheeks. Adele was giggling too but it was one of those "I'm laughing cause you're laughing but I don't know why we're laughing" kind of laughs. And Mike, well he was groaning and wishing he could sleep in longer (he got up to watch the soccer - Go the All Whites!).

I can just imagine being pulled over for a breathalyser test and being asked to show my drivers licence and pulling a carrot out of the glove box. LOL.

(Photo credit: nickwheeleroz)

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