Monday, 10 May 2010

My first Mother's Day

Yesterday was my very first Mother's Day.

Adele let me sleep in - she usually wakes at 6.30 but she slept till 7.15 :-)

Then Mike looked after her and let me keep sleeping till almost 9am!

Then when I did get up waiting on the table for me was a pressie and card! The gorgeous card was made by an enterprising student of Mike's. And the pressie - a Michael Buble CD. I'm a real mum now. That's a real mother's day gift!

Then Mike cooked me french toast for breakfast.

Then he looked after Adele while she napped so that I could go to church.

Then he took me out to Chartwell for lunch.

Then he bought me some new shoes!

Yep. A pretty good day :-)

Of course we also took the time to ring our Mums and reflect on how great they are!


  1. Nice shoes. I call red shoes my "happy shoes" - although I don't own any at the moment...

  2. I LOVE red shoes. I think one should always have a pair of red shoes in their closets. To be honest thought it's been a while for me too :)