Sunday, 2 August 2009

Adele is 4 Weeks Old Today

Adele is 4 weeks today. So much happens in four weeks for a little person. She has put on 1 kg, and she is filling out – no longer quite as wee as she was, but still as lovely. Earlier we noticed her straightening her legs, now she is all limbs a-go go. After feeding she is alert for longer, just staring happily, and she quite enjoys the bold black, white and yellow book picture book she was given for her birth-day. She likes to put her hands up when she sleeps, and she likes to go for walks, this also puts her to sleep. She likes to go in her car seat especially when the car is moving, again this also puts her to sleep. Overall she is a great wee kid, very calm, very patient with us (especially her dad when he is trying to put a nappy on at 2 in the morning. What a saintly dad!).

Thinking of sleep, she fights her damnedest to stay awake (often screaming) and then falls asleep like a lead balloon. It’s like they say: babies don’t fall asleep; they plummet. Perhaps falling asleep is a little scary if you don’t quite know why its happening?

She has been for a number of walks in her sling with her mum and her dad has also tried it out. She has been to ‘Pak’N Save’. She has been to church twice with her mum and dad, and to a home group, and she has been to her dad’s work drinks. Mostly she has been enjoying life at home with mum while dad goes off to school, and he comes home around 4.30 to his girls.
In a few weeks we might take her to the beach.

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  1. So sweet to hear about your new life and routine as a little family :-)